WWE Countdown: Biggest Blunders Review


Here we go as I sit back and give you all my thoughts on the latest edition of WWE Countdown: Biggest Blunders.  Right away, I just saw the moment that had me questioning what I was watching back in the WWF days.  Remember when Papa Shango was a voodoo witch doctor, and he put a curse on Ultimate Warrior?  Then Warrior puked.  Yes, that was a moment I just saw in the intro.  This is going to be one fun episode isn’t it?

10.  Sycho Babble

I would imagine that Sid Vicious gets featured a few times in the blunder department.  This segment features his great ability to not do a promo. He’s a guy that didn’t need to put together a promo.  You should have just gave him a mouthpiece, and let that guy or girl talk for him.  “I have half the brain that you do”  yes, that was something that Sid said once in a promo.  Well that’s enough right there isn’t it?  Okay one more, “I’ll beat you eight days a week” and we all know the Beatles are the only people that can get away with a statement like that.

9.  Dungeon of Doom

Now I was never a WCW guy, so you’ll have to fill me in what I missed about the Dungeon of Doom.  From what I’ve heard and read, this was all about ending Hulkamania, and there was some far fetched supernatural vibe to this storyline.  Earthquake became a Shark?  Brutus the Barber became Zodiac?  Kamala stayed Kamala, so that’s something done right.  Cut to the scene where Hulk Hogan falls into the dungeon, goes to touch some water, and matter of factly states “Oww, it’s not hot” since you know water is ALWAYS hot.  Should I keep going on this? Oh wait, we get Big Show popping out of stone.  Give credit to Big Show, he actually came out okay after all of that.

8.  Lights Out

Ahh yes, the blackout during Stone Cold and Savio Vega’s match. Now, I will have to state right here, I enjoyed that feud between Vega and Stone Cold.  It really did elevate Stone Cold to the next level, not the level he would achieve, but a next level.  This blunder was made up by having a rematch, so at least that can be said.  I guess I never realized the lights were out for that whole PPV: Beware of Dog.  There was even a moment where Mick Foley was under the ring to come out at some point, and no one mentioned any of that to him.

7.  Steiner-Phonics

You just never knew what was going to come out of his mouth is the best way to describe Scott Steiner and his promos.  Now, I have to say I was never a fan of the guy.  Sure, back in the day, he looked fine with his brother Rick in the early days of WCW and WWF.  As the years rolled on and he got bigger, the least interest I had in him.  If you can’t talk your way out of a paper bag, you’ve really lost me.  This probably goes along with the Sid factor.  Just have Steiner go out and flex.  Don’t give him a microphone.

6.  Kennel From Hell

The infamous dogs around the ring cell match. Now, who would have even thought this was a good idea? I know Vince has been known to shoot down ideas, and he didn’t shoot this one down?  He didn’t say, you know that’s not exactly a good idea.  Big Bossman and Al Snow, a feud for the ages over a dog, Pepper.  A dog that tastes like chicken according to the Bossman.  Yep, we’re going down a great path here.  Let’s set the stage for this match one more time.  A steel cage that’s enclosed in the hell in the cell that features rabid dogs between the cages.  Got that all?  Don’t forget, these are dogs that got to go. You know, pee and what not.  That was surrounding the area as well.  Like I said, who in their right mind thought let’s go with this?

5.  The Hiring of Mike Adamle

Let’s continue to pile on this guy for all the “fantastic” work he did in his short tenure in WWE.  If it tells you anything, I’ve blocked out the time he spent in WWE, but I hear it was just bad.  Bad. Bad.  Oh no, we’re off to a great start with Mr. Adamle stating Jeff Hardy’s name as Jeff Harvey.  This isn’t going to end well.  Watch out for the herniated disk in your necxks. I think that’s how you would spell it coming out of his mouth.  At least, he got a shot with commentary and even general manager.  Too bad, it wasn’t worth all the hassle.

4.  Brawl For All

Just another idea that sounds good on paper, and the execution wasn’t good. At all.  This was something to combine boxing and wrestling, what could go wrong there?  Remember, it’s not boxing and it’s not wrestling, it’s brawl for all.  The biggest factor, to me, is that no one know what the rules to this whole brawl for all were.  What exactly would constitute anything?  Then we hit the finals, and you put an actual boxer in Butterbean against Bart Gunn.  I think Gunn was already done BEFORE I typed that last sentence.  You have to feel bad for Gunn as it’s hard to recall his career after that moment with Butterbean.  Did he even have a career after that?

3.  Ultimate Voodoo Curse

My own personal experience with this is what are they doing?  I actually remember wondering is this real?  Since I was only a wee lad, and believed everything was real about wrestling.  Insert, it’s still real to me soundclip.  But this whole Warrior and Papa Shango thing was just outlandish.  Even for WWE standards.  Can you just imagine this in today’s era?  I would be typing the same exact thoughts now as I was thinking then.  Heath Slater states it best, yes that Heath Slater, “if I was watching this today, I would probably just fast forward.”  If you have Heath Slater saying that, you know you have some issues.

2.  The Shockmaster

If you try to break through some wall, but instead fall through it and lose your glittery mask, you’re destined to be labeled a blunder.  You’ll get plenty of laughs.  Plenty of youtube views. It’s the ultimate fail, and sorry to the man known as Typhoon for this blunder.  He’s a guy just trying to get a break.  At least break through that wall.   Sting was all set to announce his key to victory, and then it all fell apart.  You will never forget that grand entrance of Shockmaster.   I am surprised this isn’t top of the charts.

1.  McMahon’s Million Dollar Blunder

Vince McMahon is going to give out one million dollars a week, so that will work.  What can go wrong here?  One fingered phone typing by Mr. McMahon.  Vince didn’t totally understand the ringtones of cell phones, and how there could be music heard before actually talking to someone.  Oh, don’t forget, the wrong number guy.  Best part was everything on the set just collapsing, what better way to kill that whole idea?  Why didn’t get Vince tearing both of his quads walking, I mean, strutting to the ring?  Now that’s a blunder.