Lita Talks: Hall of Fame, Diva’s Division & Stephanie McMahon


WWE Hall of Famer, Lita spoke with Scott Fishman of ​The Miami Herald. Here are some of the highlights:

Is Their A Chance Of Her Possibly Having One More Match?
“The only thing when I get asked about giving one more match is more just to prove it to myself. I do feel really great and really strong. I had some nagging injuries for a really long time after I retired that I guess I will have to live with for getting beaten up for so long. I do feel really great and feel really strong, so that would be more the reason why I would want to get back out there one more time to prove to myself I can still do all the stuff. As far as getting an itch or anything active, I’m super happy where I am and proud of my accomplishments. It’s not really something I feel like I need to do, but if my arm was twisted at the right time, I could probably be talked into it.”

How She Was Asked To Be Inducted Into The Hall of Fame?

“Stephanie McMahon was texting with me. She was feeling me out telling me the office has been trying to get in touch with me. She asked if I could call the office. She was doing the whole talking to me as a friend, but being a little vague. She said, ‘The office just has something they would like to talk to you about. I believe that it’s regarding WrestleMania. So maybe it’s the weekend surrounding it? I’m not really sure, so just give them a call.’ I was like, ‘All right weirdo. Sure.’ Then I called, and they asked me if I would accept the honor of being in their Hall of Fame.”

Her Thoughts On The Divas Division Today: “Let’s say a generation is seven years. It has been about seven years since Trish and I left. We left within a few months of each other. The diva’s division took quite a hit. I don’t feel like it has fully recovered. I would love to see it get that spark again, that involving a deep roster that you could have a bunch of compelling characters — ones you want to go out there and see. At the same time, the women just like the tag division, was super-hot. I don’t know that it has seen that type of attention since, either. It was a special time that I am glad to have been a part of when it was up.”

Her Thoughts On Total Divas: “Sure, you get wrestling fans, but they’re already watching the programming anyways. Then you get the people who watch the Kardashians. I feel like that is the type of person that would watch ‘Total Divas’ as opposed to a wrestling fan who is already watching anyways….I have several friends now at this point that have zero concept of my life when I was doing that. Their questions and perception are just completely different than a fan or somebody in the know. I think it’s a different market that people are watching ‘Total Divas,’ but I don’t know if it translates to more viewership or interest in women’s wrestling. It’s more about being curious about these people who do this thing that they maybe weren’t interested in before.”