Top Ten Greatest WrestleMania Matches (10-8)


When looking at WrestleMania and it’s awesome history. It’s hard to figure out what is the greatest WrestleMania matches of all time. Now everyone has their opinions and this is just mine. Go through my list and then tell me what your’s would be. Enjoy:

10. The Undertaker Vs. Randy Orton WrestleMania 21
WrestleMania 21 was a great show and is a must see event. Randy Orton was less than a year after winning the world heavyweight title and was in the mix of his “Legend Killer” character. He defeated guys like Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley and Ric Flair. The Undertaker was just coming off a WrestleMania 20 win over Kane. When the young Randy Orton tried to capture his biggest win over arguably the biggest WWE superstar in history. It was no easy task handling the toughest test of his career. Up until this point you never saw so many reversals, near falls and back to back false finishes in an Undertaker match at WrestleMania. Today we take this for granted and that is why Taker matches are so good. Randy Orton brought the hardest test to date against Taker. The key moves of the match were the reversals in the “Tombstone” finisher of the “Dead man”.Orton would go for it and then Taker would reverse and it turned into a reversal Frenzy. With the beginning of false finishes to enhance the Undertaker’s match and of course the quality, this match breaks our number ten.

9. Hulk Hogan Vs. Andre The Giant – WrestleMania 3
Everyone remembers WrestleMania 3 for this match. It should be noted that this match only lasted twelve minutes and if you go back and watch it. The match was not the most exciting match that you will ever see. This match was a spectacle, it was a sight to see. The build up of Andre The Giant being on a multi year undefeated streak and he turns on his best friend, Hulk Hogan. Set up the storyline to make this into what it was. Most people did not think that Hogan could do the impossible and he did. Watching the match, Andrew took the majority of the offense and Hogan really hit the slam which is famous now and then the leg drop. If you look at the highlights that is what you see most of the time. Andre puts Hogan on another level in this match and really made “Hulkamania” become legendary.

8. The Undertaker Vs. Edge – WrestleMania 24
WrestleMania 24 had some memorable moments with Ric Flair – Shawn Michaels match, the triple threat for the WWE title and Floyd “Money” Mayweather takes on the Big Show. Even with a star studded event, there was one match that stood out the most and that was The Undertaker Vs. Edge for the world heavyweight title. This feud captured most of 2008 and it was a good one. Edge was in the middle of one of his world heavyweight title runs and with just over a hundred day reign he met the Undertaker. Title vs. streak, legend vs. the “Rated R Superstar”. These guys went on last and for good reason. Both men tested each other to the max and with an Edge is having five star caliber persona, taking on the “Dead man” was made perfectly. Both were evenly matched and both delivered. It was one of Edges better matches and really made him shine in defeat.

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