WrestleMania Season Comes to a Close


Now that it’s been a week after WrestleMania and the night after Mania has settled down, I think it’s time to look ahead and see where things could go in the next few months.  I really believe first that Daniel Bryan will get a run with the title till at least Summerslam and maybe beyond.  At the same time, if people start dying down on the Yes Movement, we could end up seeing that run get cut short, so I am still a believer of the Yes Movement, and I do hope the fans don’t start the backlash on it.

There’s a name lurking out there though that I also believe will be next in line for that title, Brock Lesnar.   Now just think before Mania, would you have considered Brock as a title contender or even to have a legit chance at the title?  Probably not, but remember when Heyman brought up the idea a couple of months ago about Brock wanting the title.  Now he’s conquered the streak, so what’s next?  Get the title.  To me, that could be an interesting run as who knows how many appearances Lesnar will have?  But at the same time, you could book someone even bigger that will take the title off Brock as long as the story is told plenty of times about the streak and how Lesnar is such a beast.  That has to be told plenty.

What else could happen?  How about Money in the Bank?  I do believe there’s a reason for the two world titles still, and I wonder if there might be some way that those titles get split up at Money in the Bank because it would make sense if you had a ladder match for the titles and two guys grab the titles.  Or maybe we finally get one title and one briefcase for that.  But I have no idea who might be up in line for the briefcase. Yesterday, I talked with the guys of Kayfabe Connection (who you should definitely check out) and we had plenty of names out there that we thought would be due.

One of the more interesting ideas was Kofi Kingston.  Here’s a guy that just goes out and does what he can every night. Anymore, if the winner of the briefcase is going to lose anyway, why not at least let Kofi have some sort of big title shot to give him that mark on his career? I know everyone has said he needs to go heel, he needs to go heel, he needs to go heel. But I’ll throw it right back and say, it doesn’t matter what you are if you have no direction. Kofi is a guy that looks to get going and then it just stops.  So heel or face, if Kofi doesn’t have any purpose, it doesn’t matter.

How about guys ready for a breakout year?  Roman Reigns. Bray Wyatt. Cesaro.  Those are the three guys that jump ahead of the line. I’ll throw out Wade Barrett, who I think could end up switching as a face since people seem to be behind the Bad News gimmick.

This coming week should show if Barrett is indeed rolling along as we’ll get away from the Mania crowds.  This week could be huge for all the superstars as life calms down and you’ll see what direction the tides are rolling.  I do believe with the NXT guys brought up, the way Daniel Bryan went out, the Shield looking strong, we could be in for the changing of the guard.  Even John Cena has taken a bit of a back seat.  For all the talk about part timers and guys that need to step aside, I believe we’re seeing that.  These next few months could really tell the story of the new guard.  We wanted a change, so let’s see it out.

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