TNA Impact! (4/17) Results: EY’s First Title Defense

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Courtesy of Impact

Welcome to TNA Impact, our new TNA World Heavyweight Champion makes his way out to the ring. EY says that everything he has done in his life leads him to this moment. He did not just win the belt for himself, but for the people, for his fans. This is for them and there is no more paper champion. He says things will change around TNA and he will make things fun. He says he will defend the title in any match that the fans want. Dixie Carter interrupts; she says this was an emotional week for him. She says that there is only one person responsible for that and it’s because of her. She saw the potential in him, she believed in him. She says that she invented the bearded, long before anyone else did. She deserves to get a check for people ripping her off on the board idea. He says that he thought she went back to Nashville and we don’t need her. She fires back by saying that he represents her. For better or worse, he is her world champion. She says that he looks and smells like a lumberjack. EY says that she is like crap and he is going to flush it. She says that she will take the higher road; he will obey her in anything she says. He says he will not do that and if she is looking for a new paper champion then she needs to look in a different place. She says that he needs to be in high fashion and that starts tonight by making him a makeover. EY starts to threaten her, but is interrupted by Bully Ray. Bully tells Dixie to shut up and he is going to to take out the trash. Ray says that EY is a role model for any wrestler who was held down by a loser boss like Carter. He says that EY has started from the bottom to the top. Ray says he took her money and spent it in a strip club. Last week they were in the ring, a table was in that ring and she knows what happens by looking back at history when a table is in the ring. He says this is EY’s time and starts a goodbye chant with the fans. Dixie leaves the ring. He says that he does not endorses a lot of people in this business, but he will for EY.

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Knockouts street fight: Madison Rayne Vs. Velvet Sky

Sky waits for Rayne to make her entrance while standing on the ramp with a Kendo stick, but Rayne attacks her from behind. The brawl leads into the ring; Sky sends Rayne face first into the turnbuckle and then nails a series of shoulder blocks to the gut. Sky is thrown into the corner and Rayne connects with a clothesline. She sends Sky into the corner, but Love pulls Sky out of the ring and regroups. Rayne pulls both girls onto the apron by their hair, but they use the ropes to get out of it. Sky hits Rayne in the back with a cookie sheet several times and then covers her for a near fall. Sky sends Rayne to the floor; Love kicks Rayne while she is down. Sky sends Rayne into the steel steps shoulder first. Back in the ring we go, where Sky covers her for a near fall. Sky gets a trash can, she runs at Rayne, but misses and Rayne kicks her in the face. Rayne hits her in the back with the trash can. Love nails Rayne in the back with the Kendo stick. Sky swings with the stick, but misses and Rayne hits a spear for the win.

Winner: Rayne at 4:28.

EY pulls Bully Ray aside in the back, he thanks Ray for the kind words. Abyss walks up to EY and says that he wants to know what EY did to him up close. Abyss challenges him to a match tonight for the TNA title. EY says yes and he wants the match in a monsters ball match.

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EC3 and Rockstar Spud is in the back talking about their match tonight against Willow. EC3 tries to calm down Spud and EC3 tells him that he will end Willow’s career tonight.

MVP is in the ring talking about Eric Young coming over all of the odds and winning the TNA title. He addresses Samoa Joe, he says Joe called in last week and said that he was unavailable last week. He says that Joe has not returned any of his phone calls because he is upset. MVP wants to talk to him face to face. Austin Aries interrupts. Aries says that he is the most upset guy in TNA. He says MVP has forgotten about him and left on the sidelines since Lockdown. He says that he does not need motivation; he says that MVP has not validated him last week in the gauntlet match. MVP says that he gave Aries an opportunity to be on the MVP’s team at Lockdown, but Aries turned on him. Aries says that MVP is screwing with his career because his feelings got hurt. MVP gets upset and talks off his jacket. Aries asks him if he really wants to do this. Well, he will have to wait until next week. He will show him next week just why he is called the greatest man that ever lived.

Eric Young underdog and celebration video package is shown.

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Tag Team Title Match: The Bro-Mans (c) Vs. The Wolves 

The Wolves drop kick the champions off the apron and then slide Robbie into the ring where they hit a double elbow drop. The BroMans go for a double team move, but blocked and the Wolves hit an outside dive taking out the champions. Back in the ring, the Wolves go for a top rope move, but Jesse knocks both men off the top rope. Robbie throws Richards into the corner and hits a spear. They nail a double knee drop on Richards. Jesse with a headlock on Richards, Davey fights out with elbows. Jesse cuts him off with a power slam and Robbie tags in and hits an elbow drop for a near fall. Frequent, quick tags by the champions until Robbie accidentally punches Jesse in the face and Richards tags in Edwards. Eddie clears house and hits a double head take over on the champions. Eddie with several chops to the chest of Jesse and then Robbie. Eddie with a splash to Robbie in the corner. Davey with a hard kick to the chest of Jesse and then the Wolves hit a double stomp to the chest of Robbie. Zema Ion hits Eddie in the back with his DJ scanner causing the DQ.

Winners: the Wolves via DQ at 5:04.

Willow does a rambling promo about EC3 and Spud.

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Willow Vs. EC3 and Rockstar Spud

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