Extreme Rules 2014 Looking Not So Extreme


Just a few weeks away from Extreme Rules,

and right now, I would say it’s looking un-extreme.  The only match that has some sort of stipulation attached is John Cena and Bray Wyatt.  Even that is just a steel cage that they keep talking up as no one can get into, but we all know the story of steel cage matches.  There is the door that can open or you know people can climb up and over into the cage.  For me, this feud has seemed to really die down from where it was, and I don’t think the steel cage adds anything to the match between Cena and Bray, other than make it obvious that you’ll probably have The Wyatt Family come into the cage somehow. Unless you really do make it one on one and Bray picks up the win, which he should this time around.  Even then, does this feud need to continue?

I’m sure you’ll probably add something to the Kane and Daniel Bryan title match, probably a stretcher match or ambulance match after the doings of last night.  I still think this is a wasted title effort for Daniel Bryan.  The bigger draw would have been Bryan and The Shield versus Kane with Evolution.  You could have done some War Games type match.  Even thrown in a number one contender’s shot for the Evolution side for whoever gets the pin.  Granted, Daniel Bryan hasn’t been able to get going with his title due to different things the past couple of weeks.  Maybe it will just take a good retaining of his title to keep the momentum going of his current run.  (Just read that this match will be Extreme Rules)

Big E will defend his IC title against Rob Van Dam or Bad New Barrett, but that shouldn’t have anything attached to it since the winner of Barrett and Van Dam will end up facing Big E a week after.  Another guy that just hasn’t seemed to get going with his title in Big E.

I really like the guy and thought he was going to be given that chance to run with the title.  So far, it’s been same old news for the IC title.  Just can’t seem to build up the IC or US title as much as they should be.  I am really thinking that Cesaro is the best guy for the title as people are connecting with him, and you could give back some of that prestige to the title when he wins it.

The tag team titles might as well be non-existent, even though last night, felt good to see that the Uso’s put up a good effort. Now looks to be the time that the Rhodes Brothers are FINALLY breaking up, so who’s left in the tag team division? Ryback/Curtis Axel? The Wyatt Family, who should be vying for the tag team titles. You could have Rowan and Harper be involved with both storylines of John Cena and Bray, along with chasing the tag team titles.  I still think it might have to be The Ascension called up from NXT like Paige was for the Diva’s title.

That’s another one that I don’t see much of an extreme factor involved.  Tamina will probably dominate Paige and she’ll come out with a win somehow.  I do think Paige is a good fit for the division, but at the same time, is it getting the time it deserves?

All the matches should be good matches when you look at how it’s shaping up, but where’s the extreme factor of this event?