WWE Booking Ideas According to Stephen


I didn’t have one coherent thought brewing for an article, but I did have little thoughts spewing about that would be different scenarios for guys.  Let’s call it WWE Booking with Stephen.

Brock Lesnar Wins WWE Title

This one just seems destined to happen later this year. I know I know, what about the limited dates? Do we know the details of Lesnar’s contract?  Don’t you think he would be willing to add dates if he’s champion?  Plus, this story of conquering the streak can only lead to a title run.  If at the very least, Brock has to win his next match in dominating fashion and that’s why I would believe his next match is a title shot.  Maybe as early as Summerslam or later in the year.  But this is happening, and you heard it here first.

Cesaro For IC Title

Two Heyman guys holding titles….I like it. I love it.  King of Swing and the Beast.  Hmmm how about a title for title match down the road between the two Heyman guys?  That’s just me thinking out loud. But I do believe Cesaro and Lesnar are on a collision course.  A course that could be sooner if Lesnar has some dates in the summer.  I think that would definitely help the babyface career for Cesaro as right now, he’s leaning toward that heel side still.  You have Heyman get upset with Cesaro down the road, and Lesnar takes him out. Boom, right back into the good graces of fans as a face.  But Cesaro needs to hold the IC title as you could finally build up a character and the title at the same time.  WHAT A CONCEPT!?!

Sting and Taker at Survivor Series

Now that the streak is over, why wait on these two?  Why not have Sting want to take out Taker where Taker made his debut?  That’s why I picked Survivor Series.  Anymore, this event has lost it’s luster, but man this match could give it something.  Plus, who knows if Taker can make it to next Mania, so if you want to do this dream match, you might have to bump it up.

Wyatt Family Fourth Member?

I feel like the Wyatt Family would be that best group for another member to separate themselves from the factions of three. Make them even more menacing.  I guess if you don’t want to do that group, then do Evolution and add some young guy.  But I would love to see a female Wyatt Family member, just not sure who.  That could be the Sister Abigail character though.

Wade Barrett for MITB

If Wade Barrett doesn’t win the IC title this Sunday, then let’s put him in that driver’s seat for MITB.  This year’s MITB will be most interesting anyway with the two big titles together. I almost wonder if you’ll do a MITB contract that will state you can challenge for any title.  I know, why would you want to challenge for anything other than the big title?  Any title does leave it more open-ended than usual, that’s why. I would love to see a random run in on the IC title or US title. I’ve even thought about a tag team title contract.  There are definitely guys out there that should be due for this type of MITB shot, but Bad News is at the top of my list.