Payback 2014 Expectations


From an expectations side of things for this year’s Payback, I’m in the middle of the road. I think some matches will deliver, but I also feel like it’s quite predictable as to what’s going to happen. But from that point of view, it just makes sense to have the predictability when you look over the card.

John Cena and Bray Wyatt is the one that I know people will get up in arms about because let’s face it Bray Wyatt could use the win over John Cena, but from the storyline perspective, it’s all about good trumping evil.  Therefore, John Cena is the predictable winner.  Where Bray Wyatt goes after this feud as it should definitely be done after this is where things could get interesting.

I can see the Wyatt Family being inserted into the tag team title picture, and that’s where they should be. But as far as Bray on his own, I am not sure where he goes after this.  John Cena is probably headed towards the title picture, and that could be interesting with Daniel Bryan’s status up in the air.

As far as Daniel Bryan goes, I expect him to NOT be stripped, but Brie steps up and says fire me or she gets fired somehow.  I think WWE has somewhat an idea of how long Bryan will be out, and I actually expect him to compete at Money in the Bank against Kane to finish up that end of business.  That’s not best for business, but it’s where business is at right now.  Where Bryan goes after that should be interesting to watch as well.

Sheamus and Cesaro could be the match of the night as I just feel like both guys want to bring their best.  We know both guys can work well in the ring, which is always a good thing.  I would love to see Cesaro pick up the US title and rechristen it the European title just to give him some momentum that looks to be lost after Wrestlemania. I don’t know if it’s the pairing of Paul Heyman or the crowd just not into him, but you can definitely see a drop off from where he was. I  expect Cesaro to get going again soon enough as I do believe he’s headed for big plans this year.

Evolution and the Shield could be another candidate for match of the night especially with no holds barred and the elimination stipulation.  Whoever ends up lasting could be the one to go a long way this year.  For me, I see Roman Reigns being that guy and could be up against Triple H.

Will Triple H do what is best for business and lay down again?  It probably makes more sense for Reigns to take the loss and he can challenge Triple H later on, like Summerslam time, and pick up the win to get him going on his singles’ career.  But this should be a fun match and hopefully we can see some use of chairs, tables, and the sledgehammer of course.

Overall, I expect some good things from tonight’s action, but don’t think it will be as exciting as some of the past PPV’s we’ve had.  Where are your expectations for the evening?