Payback 2014: Where do we go?


Now that Payback 2014 has completed, I like to take a look at where some of the performers are going.  For me, this was a better than expected PPV or “Special Event” as I believed it would be lower than I would like. Overall, the matches served their purposes when you step back and look over it.  Now where are we heading?  I’m glad you asked that question.

Daniel Bryan and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Some were saying that Bryan looked weak because of the way Brie Bella stepped up and said she quits, so that, the decision isn’t in Bryan’s hands.  For me, that’s the best way to approach. You can still have Bryan look strong when he goes to fight for her job.  That’s the best way to go about that, and I would imagine at MITB, we’ll get the final piece of the puzzle for Bryan and Kane.  If they even go that route, which if they don’t, I’m fine. But who’s up for Bryan to face next?  If you know, you know better than me. I just can’t see who’s up next for that.

The Shield

Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns. I’m all abroad him and I believe he’s ready to make that leap towards the singles’ run soon enough.  Do we get Triple H and Reigns at Summerslam?  With the face off last night, I’m starting to believe we won’t get that because why would you want him facing against someone he’s already beat?  It’s hard to predict the exact route this will go, but I do believe you probably have Dean Ambrose splinter off back to the heel side as he just looks to fit that much better.  Maybe he brings Seth Rollins along with him, but Rollins seems much better as a face, so I would be fine with Reigns and Rollins together in some way, and Ambrose on his own.

Bray Wyatt and The Wyatt Family

This could be the most interesting aspect to watch. Some are saying Bray is “buried”, but it’s all about what’s next for him.  I think Erik Rowan and Luke Harper are on a path to the tag team titles, and maybe Bray helps with that process.  I’ve seen the idea that Bray could be in line for MITB briefcase, but with his character, I would put him above titles, like Jake the Snake.  How many titles did he win? But look at him, he’s a Hall of Famer.  Bray just needs to continue to deliver in the ring because we know that’s got the mic ability. I would like to see some evolution for the other members as well, and I wouldn’t even mind another member added to the Family.


This is a guy that I have a hard time finding a path because he’s such an old school character.  Back in the day, you have Hacksaw Jim “DOOGAN” face him and you have the American versus Non American aspect.  But what American hero can step up to Rusev and give him a challenge?

I can look at someone like Big Show or Mark Henry to go at Rusev, but after that, who knows?  I want to see all guys do something, but Rusev might have a small ceiling.


He put on a strong performance with Sheamus, and you could continue that if you think you’re not ready to bump up Cesaro right now. I really do believe we’re on a collision course with Cesaro and Brock Lesnar.  You probably have Heyman finally turn on Cesaro and Brock destroys him to get him back on that babyface run that looked to be started back after Wrestlemania.

Just some superstars I really want to see where they’re headed to next, and I believe that MITB could be a great way to see where we’re heading.