WWE Rewind: 1999 Unforgiven PPV

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On today’s WWE Rewind, we’re going way back to the WWE Attitude era to look at the 1999 PPV, Unforgiven. With Chris Jericho making his return to WWE television this past Monday on Raw, it makes sense to look back at his in-ring pay-per-view debut at 1999 Unforgiven.

This event can be found using the WWE Network’s on-demand feature.

Courtesy of WWE.com

Val Venis vs. Steve Blackman

I can’t help but wonder how this match wasn’t on Sunday Night Heat while watching this match. Venis does some classic edgy Attitude Era jokes before, during and after this contest.

Blackman controls a good portion of the match by attacking Val’s back. A little more back and forth action before Val takes over with a DDT and hits his Money Shot for the pin.

Seriously, this match wasn’t on Heat? Feel free to skip on through this one.