WWE Rewind: 2010 Fatal 4-Way Review

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On today’s WWE Rewind, we’re going back to 2010 to look at the Fatal 4-Way PPV. With a Fatal four-way set to headline the upcoming Battleground PPV, it makes sense to look back at a show based on the chaotic stipulation.

This event can be found using the WWE Network’s on-demand feature.


WWE Intercontinental Championship match

 Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Drew McIntyre     

This feud had been going on for close to two months so it was time to wrap it up after McIntyre’s constant abuse of then SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long.

These two have great chemistry with each other, and the heel vs. face psychology is really impressive during this match.

Kofi is on his A-Game as he flies around the ring and hits a beautiful suicide dive to the outside. Kingston’s unique move set is at full display, especially when he blocked a clothesline and somehow swung over McIntyre to turn it into a DDT, that’s a new one.

This match gets its storybook ending with Long putting on the unconscious Charles Robinson’s referee shirt. Long stops short on his three-count as Matt Hardy runs in and hits a Twist of Fate leading to Kofi hitting Trouble in Paradise for the 1-2-3.

Fun and surprisingly lengthy match so sit back and enjoy this one.