3.5 Things To Look For Going Into Tonight’s Monday Night Raw (7/13)


WWE brings Monday night Raw to be at the Richmond, VA at the The Richmond Coliseum tonight and this will be the go-home show for Battleground PPV, which is this Sunday night. WWE needs a strong show to send into more interest into the Battleground PPV. Here is your 3.5 things to look out for going into tonight’s WWE Raw.

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1: Fatal Four Way For The Gold

Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, John Cena and the Demon Kane are chasing the gold, they need the gold, they have to have the gold. Ok, so a little too much, this is what Battleground is built off of. I get that it is for the WWE title, I get that this is the main event, but why does it not feel like a main event caliber match?

In fact, two of these guys should not even be in this match. Orton has been losing matches left and right, but I get why he is in the match due to him being a part of the Authority. Fine.

Kane has not done anything in the last two months yet, he is in the main event. If you had to ask who and what this program is about, it’s Roman Reigns and John Cena. Reigns has been the strong, stand out candidate and feels like a number one contender. Cena has been strong, yet feels ways to push into our TV screens.

Heading into Raw, they need to put more focus on Kane and Orton to make them feel important going into Battleground.

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2: Adding Stars For A Simple Battle Royal

Unfortunately, Bad News Barrett went down, he is out and we need a new IC champ. That leads to Battleground where we will get just that.

You have stars like Cesar, Ziggler, RVD, Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio. Damien Sandow is my pick (Sarcasm) Other than those names, there is not a lot of stars in the match.

Yes, you could add some, but who is there to add? There is none. What WWE could and might need to do, is two things.

Either make the other Superstars other than the four I named above feel important, or have the top four stars in this match feel bigger than everyone else.

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3: Let’s Continue The Hot Streak

As seen on the past couple editions of Raw, WWE has been on a hot streak. They have had some really good shows that make three hours fly by. For the love of god, let’s continue it. Keep the action flowing, comedy down and as Michael Cole likes to say, let Raw roll on.

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3.5: Send US Home Excited

Finally, WWE keeps up the fact that you have a lot of hot angles, good stars in the right fit and having the best programming that WWE has put on all year long. You have a go -home show for a PPV, promote the show, but keep us happy, keep us in-tuned. More importantly, keep us excited for Battleground.

We will be providing live play-by-play coverage of Raw later tonight at 8PM EST.