New Nation of Domination?


Monday Night Raw provided some interesting storylines going into Summerslam.  We all knew the return of Brock Lesnar was coming, but that was still a big impact with the way Paul Heyman delivered quite the promo at the end. I  thought Triple H delivered quite the promo in his opening segment as well.

We saw the Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon saga continue to play out.  At this point, you have to believe Stephanie will bring back Brie for a match against her at Summerslam. Not exactly a blockbuster, but with the storyline it makes sense, and could be something to watch if Nikki gets involved and possibly turns on Brie.

Zack Ryder got a win.  Wait?  Zack Ryder was on Raw, and got a win?

But perhaps the most interesting and could be intriguing moment came when Xavier Woods came out to talk with Kofi Kingston and Big E.  Twitter was lit up with thoughts of a formation of the Nation of Domination. Myself, I wasn’t too sold on the idea, and I have some reasons why.

First, you have to wonder who this new group is going to target. It sounded like they haven’t been handed the right opportunities, so in a way, you would have to go after the Authority. But I believe that would be too crowded and this group would get overshadowed.  So who does this group go after?

The Nation of Domination had a great opponent in Degeneration X, and those provided us some great moments between the two factions.  Right now,  it’s hard to find another faction that would be able to match up with this stable of Woods, Big E, and Kofi.  Do they go after the Wyatt Family?  Do they just raise heck until they get their way?

Also, I think it could use another member or two.  As far as three man groups, I’m a bit over that as we do have the Wyatt Family and the Shield that we were given plenty of three on three matches. I think for this new faction, you need some other members. Titus O’Neil is a name to throw out there, but then he was in a loss against the group.

Mark Henry has been mentioned, but I think he’s got too much star power in a way that would overshadow the other members.  Maybe R-Truth?  But then again, he’s already done that heel type run against the top, so I can’t imagine that happening again.

Also, you have to wonder which way this group will go, heel or face. I feel like with Kofi, he’s earned that face status, it might be hard to turn him all the way heel.  I can’t think of a good way to get him on that heel side when people enjoy his work so much.

These are just some of the reasons why I am in a wait and see mode for this group.  But if it does give Kofi, Woods, and Big E some more time on tv with some direction, I’m all for that. I’m all for anyone that can earn themselves that direction.

Where do you stand on this new faction?