Monday Night Raw: Five Positive Points


I like to keep things positive when watching RAW, so I present you my five positive points from last night’s Monday Night Raw.

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Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon

Hold the phone, we just got a women’s segment at the end of RAW? Now I know everyone will be up in arms that it involves Stephanie McMahon, but I have to give WWE credit for putting it last.  When is the last time we’ve seen women finish up a RAW episode? I know the match between Trish and Lita was a main event of RAW before. But other than that, I can’ think of any other moment.  Right now, the Divas division is featuring some storylines which is good news for it.  Usually, we get random matches, and some stuff between the champion and whoever is going for the title. But right now, I would say the Divas division is more prominent than the tag team division, and that’s saying something.

John Cena versus Cesaro

CESARO GETS BURIED AGAIN! I can hear the people saying. But I don’t think working a match with Cena, a lengthy match at that.  Plus, working a backstage segment with Triple H last week is BURIED.  I think Cesaro is just a moment or two away from getting back on track, and I am looking forward to that.  This was a great match that definitely got the crowd going.  It goes to show that Cesaro will step it up when he needs, and Cena can do it as well.  I think he showed seven or eight moves last night. I think down the road these two could work well together, and that could be fun to watch.

Layla and Summer Rae Screw Fandango

It’s fun to watch Summer and Layla show up with whoever is facing Fandango, but I almost wonder if soon enough they’ll help Fandango win and get right back with him.  That’s probably the route I would take it.

Bo Dallas Loses!

I just don’t know what to do with myself now that Bo’s streak is over.  This is worse than Taker losing at Wrestlemania.  It’s just unBOlievable.  BUT, I do BOlieve that this could be the start of something new for Bo Dallas, and that gives me hope for him.  I’ve seen that he might involve himself in the IC title match, and that could be a good test to see where Bo is at when working with Dolph Ziggler and the Miz as they looked headed to face each other at Summerslam for the IC title.

Chris Jericho Gets Taken Out by Bray Wyatt

I’m still holding out the hope that this feud picks up some steam as I feel like it’s missing something.  Maybe we just had some high hopes for these two guys, and right now, it’s not clicking.  I think it’s odd that Bray gets the upper hand each week as it makes it look like Jericho would get the upper hand come Summerslam just like Battleground.  A correct pick by yours truly as well.  Jericho probably needs to win from time to time to make him look legit and make the other guy look strong when he beats Jericho. I just don’t know what that factor is to make this feud pick up some steam.  Any thoughts on that matter?

Jack Swagger Raises Our Flag

From the looks of last night’s events between Jack Swagger and Rusev, we are heading into a flag match for the two.  I definitely didn’t see this rise in popularity for Jack Swagger, but it goes to show that one moment can change a guy and get him in the right direction. I don’t think Swagger ends up beating Rusev come Summerslam, but he should be able to make Rusev look strong again.  These two seem to have some good chemistry in the ring, even with Zeb Colter flubbing a bit with his promo last night.  It’s all about the two guys or girls going at it in the ring, and I like this pairing of Swagger and Rusev.  Come Summerslam, we should get a good under the radar match between these two.