Raw Review: John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

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Kane and Seth Rollins promo

Kane came out and said not to mourn Dean Ambrose, but to look to the future of WWE, Rollins, who was set to deliver a “eulogy” for Ambrose.

Rollins came out and talked about Ambrose. He said that Ambrose is very talented, and that’s why Rollins chose to bring him in to The Shield. He said that Ambrose is capable of many things, but he can’t capitalize on that talent.

He said that the greatest tragedy of Ambrose is “what if?”. He said that Ambrose doesn’t know what’s good for him, and that’s what led to his brutal injury last week.

Rollins said that he made The Shield, and he’s the man who brought an end to The Shield. That’s when Roman Reigns’ music hit.

Reigns took Kane out, then went after Rollins. Reigns and Rollins brawled, until Reigns had Rollins set up for the spear. As Reigns was ready to charge, Kane pulled Rollins out of the ring.

Good segment. Perfect way of transferring all the heat from Rollins-Ambrose, to Rollins-Reigns. Well done.