Raw Review: John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

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Jerry Lawler, Nikki Bella and promo

King recapped what transpired last week with The Bella Twins.

He talked about Nikki’s betrayal at SummerSlam being forgivable, but things being a bit different after her words, and slap, on Raw the next night.

Brie came out and immediately started to plead with Nikki. Nikki ain’t buying.

Nikki repeating that Brie always wanted the spotlight, and that Brie has always held Nikki back. Nikki attacking the fans with a twin fantasy, saying that they are too fat and ugly to ever get that fantasy. She continued to verbally attack Nikki, until she finally attacked her physically.

King tried to pull Nikki off, and got a slap for his troubles. Finally, King and some referees pulled Nikki off and sent her away, while King went to comfort a heartbroken Brie.

This was brutal. This was a poorly booked segment, and they should’ve had more to work with. Nikki did great with what she had, but she overdid it towards the end, while Brie was bad, but she was only tasked with sitting their and crying. It’s time for Brie to snap. I’ve seen this segment twice now, I don’t need a third.