The State of the WWE Tag Team Division Address

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Goldust and Stardust

The newly turned heel Dust Bros. are currently the #1 contenders for tag team gold. Following Jey Uso hurting his leg during their title match on this week’s Raw, Goldust took exception to him being counted out because it was their one opportunity. Him and Stardust would end up viciously beating The Usos and did so again on SmackDown after they initially “apologized” for their actions.

At first, I was not a fan of the Stardust character. As a face, he kind of bored me because we’ve seen Goldust do this act for almost two decades and seeing his brother continue it did not do much. Turning him and his brother heel opened up plenty of possibilities and made them very intriguing to watch. They’re intriguing because they’re fresh. WWE fans will always appreciate a fresh change if it makes sense, which this one did (it did not to most people at first).

The Dust Bros. and The Usos will likely lock horns at Night of Champions for the Tag Team Championship in what could be the first of a few battles. In the end, though, I would expect the odd duo to sit on top of the division. It wouldn’t make sense to put this much investment into their characters without them going anywhere.

Grade: B