The State of the WWE Tag Team Division Address

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Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

As I have mentioned before in this article and previous articles (I sound like a broken record), the booking of The Wyatt Family blows my mind because they are so much more talented than being buried into the division. Losing to Big Show and Mark Henry time after time makes no sense.

The argument could be made that they’re getting TV time so someone in the back must like them. Damien Sandow gets TV time on almost every Raw and SmackDown and loses every single time (granted, his new gimmick is the reason why).

Harper and Rowan put on some great matches with The Usos for tag team gold. Their 2 Out of 3 Falls match at Battleground was terrific and they should have won the belts there.

They are likely headed for a match at Night of Champions with Henry and Show. If they don’t go over them at that show, I can’t see them regaining momentum for a very long time. It would be unfortunate.

Grade: B