The State of the WWE Tag Team Division Address

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The Usos (Tag Team Champions)

Jimmy and Jey Uso have stood on top of the Tag Team Division since the early spring.

They defeated the New Age Outlaws for the title on an episode of Raw and would go onto defend the title successfully at Wrestlemania in a fatal 4-way.

The Usos are the most exciting team in the division. Their athleticism and high flying maneuvers never get old and because of that, they rarely put on a bad match.

As mentioned earlier, they are in a feud with Goldust and Stardust for the titles with a title match at Night of Champions very likely. It will probably result in The Dust Bros. winning the titles from them. If it doesn’t happen at NOC, it will happen sometime after.

The Usos’ run with the titles could have been so much better if they tag division didn’t fall apart so much going into the summer. The Real Americans and Prime Time Players don’t exist anymore, they beat The Wyatts already, and they’ve defeated RybAxel too many times. The rivalry with The Wyatt Family was great, but that’s when the reign should have ended. They weren’t on the SummerSlam card and this feud with The Dust Bros. needs a chunk of TV time to make it relevant.

The Usos are a terrific team that could have been utilized so much better if they were used consistently. Instead, we have to settle for WWE’s lack of care for the division.

Grade: A-