WWE RAW Preview: Possible Progress for Feuds?

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Roman Reigns vs. The Authority

Reigns has been in a battle with The Authority since March, if you want to go back that far when him and his former Shield stablemates feuded with Kane and the New Age Outlaws before Wrestlemania XXX.

Last week, we saw Reigns crash the “eulogy for Dean Ambrose” that was put together by Kane and Seth Rollins. It finally answered the question of if Reigns “forgot” about Rollins backstabbing him. WWE threw Reigns into WWE World Heavyweight Championship feuds, so he quickly drifted away while Rollins and Ambrose were feuding.

Expect Reigns to lock up with Rollins and Kane again to build some type of match for NOC. Does Orton get involved? Will Ambrose get involved when he returns in a few weeks? Time will tell.