Raw Review: Huge Six-Man Tag Match with World Title Implications

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Stephanie McMahon, Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, AJ Lee and Paige promo

Stephanie came out and hyped herself as one of the most powerful female leaders in the world. She then commended Nikki’s courage, and introduced her.

Nikki thanked Stephanie for all the support she has given her. Stephanie gave Nikki credit for finally standing up for Brie, and she announced that Nikki would get a shot at the Divas Championship at Night of Champions.

Brie came out and asked what all this is about. Nikki said it is for herself, and that she is finally doing something for herself. Nikki said she is going to win the Divas Championship, and be the Bella that everybody is talking about.

AJ came out and smiled and waved at Stephanie, as she said “Hi, bosslady”. She got in Stephanie’s face and said that there is only one #1 Contender, and since she hasn’t gotten her rematch, she is that #1 Contender. She said that the Divas Championship should be left to her, while the Bella Twins solve their problems on their own time.

Paige came out and said that all this talk about the Divas Championship is missing one thing, “the bloody Divas Champion”. Before she could go on, AJ started jawing at her, so they got in each others’ faces.

Meanwhile, Nikki told Brie she would forgive her, if Brie quit, just like she did for her husband. Brie started to get emotional again, as she started to exit the ring, but she finally got fed up and pushed Nikki, taking out Paige in the process. Brie left much more confidently than she has the past few weeks.

AJ picked the Divas Championship belt off the mat and began to skip around the ring with it, until Stephanie stepped in her way, and demanded AJ hand her the belt. AJ did what Stephanie asked, and she went to the back.

As Paige recovered, Stephanie handed her the belt, and Paige skipped away. Paige then stood at the top of the ramp, and had a staredown with a recovering Nikki.

This started out pretty bad, and got “boring” chants from the crowd. However, as it went on, it got much better and the crowd got into it. I was starting to think we would see a Fatal 4-Way for the Divas Championship, but don’t be shocked if Stephanie puts herself in the match as well.

Bray Wyatt backstage

Wyatt compared his steel cage match next week with Chris Jericho, to them being locked in a cage like wild animals. He then said it was time for Y2J to pay for his sins.