Raw Review: Huge Six-Man Tag Match with World Title Implications

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Jack Swagger vs. Curtis Axel

A short match concluded in Axel tapping out to the Patriot Lock. Squash match.

Swagger defeats Axel via submission.

Bo Dallas promo

Bo told the stories of Richie, the gambling addict, Angelo, the soon-to-be deported tailor who didn’t study for his citizenship test, and Jennifer, whose son used to idolize Swagger, but now wants to be like Vladimir Putin, as he blamed all their problems on Swagger’s losses to Rusev.

Bo then led Richie, Angelo and Jennifer in standing up, putting their hands over their hearts, and saying “All you have to do, is Bolieve”.

Bo delivered this really well. After a few months of him just kind of hanging around, he’s really starting to shine.