Vince Russo Talks Last Night’s RAW, WWE Booking

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Most casual wrestling fans know who Vince Russo is but in case you don’t, he’s a former writer for WWE and WCW who is always in the headlines.

Last night, he was a guest on Wrestling Reaction’s review of last night’s Monday Night RAW. It’s a terrific show done every week by Joe Omega and Frank Manzo and I highly recommend that people watch it following every episode of RAW.

Russo laid out some comments on the contest of last night’s show. To say he was critical was an understatement. He outright bashed the show to pieces and hit the point dead on with each critique he made (some quotes will be paraphrased).

In the following parts of this article, I will provide quotes from his Wrestle Reaction appearance, answer, and evaluate.

Let’s take a look!