Vince Russo Talks Last Night’s RAW, WWE Booking

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Point 1

One of his remarks were that “We want to like the show!”

It’s sad that we have people preaching that they want to enjoy the product. Everyone knows it’s bad, but if it’s coming from Russo himself, who helped produce some of WWE’s best storylines, you know it’s horrible.

Point 2

"“I love the talent. They have great talent on the show. The problem is that they’re not pushing that talent. All of the TV time should be given to a handful of people. They’ve gotta to give the ball to a handful of people, wrap the show around those people. There’s so much wasted time and so many wasted segments…”"

They are pushing someone – Roman Reigns. It’s not enough, though. With John Cena moving towards the end of his career, it’s time for serious pushes for new talent. They seem committed to Reigns and at first, they seemed committed to Bray Wyatt. That’s out the door (as of now) with the “Eater of Worlds.” It doesn’t seem like they feel Seth Rollins is ready and their commitment to him long-term can be in question, even though he’s over with the fans, too. They don’t view Dean Ambrose as a main event performer, even though he’s way over with the fans and has a terrific character.

Pretty much, it would take a Daniel Bryan-like “YES!” reaction to get them to change their minds on characters.