Vince Russo Talks Last Night’s RAW, WWE Booking

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Point 5

"“We didn’t care! We wrote the best show we could do. We didn’t care if it was the off-season or during Monday Night Football. It doesn’t matter if it’s Labor Day or Christmas Day!”"

He is right and I am sure most fans will agree – WWE doesn’t need an off-season. They should try to make a great show every week to keep fans watching instead of tuning out when they see the “show fillers” like what has been on TV for the past few weeks.

Last year we saw Big Show pushed in this “off-season” and it flopped tremendously by the time Survivor Series came around that put Randy Orton and Show together for the WWE Championship. Now they’re booking Show up again to be this dominant force in this “off-season.” When will WWE learn?

Point 6

“It looks like they’re assigning writers certain segments. You have the Rusev segment, you have the Swagger segment. Then they put all of these segments together and you have a three hour RAW.”

If this was actually the case (which we will probably never know), it would be pretty sad, but would make sense with the way the show has been.

RAW does not flow well with the very few good segments and the extreme amount of filler in the three hour shows. If these writers are really sitting together in one room to work on these feuds together, a better product should be produced.