Vince Russo Talks Last Night’s RAW, WWE Booking

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"“We wrote from a fan’s perspective and what they wanted. The minute we left, they (WWE) went back to what they know – wrestling. At the end of the day, matches do not draw. Everything else does.”"

Something that people have pointed out over time is the very steady decline of WWE programming once the Attitude Era ended in 2001. While the first few years after it ended were good when the brand split started, the product was just never the same as we got to the mid-2000’s and into the next decade.

The storylines have no legs to them anymore. They get developed with no background behind them and never get much progression. You can go back as recently as the Sheamus-Cesaro “feud” for the United States Championship. It was thrown together via a #1 contender match for the title, which Cesaro won over Rob Van Dam. It’s something we’ve seen before with no real animosity between the two and is falling flat already.

Point 12

"“I don’t see Vince McMahon or Triple H seeing Seth Rollins in that light (main event status). It’s the Daniel Bryan story. How long did fans have to scream at the top of their lungs for WWE to go with Daniel Bryan. They had to go with him they had no choice to anymore. The fans were deafening! I don’t think they wanted to go with Bryan but they had no choice. Without having that fan support behind Rollins, I can’t see them putting the belt on him.”"

WWE is going to push the guys they want, no matter what we think.

Roman Reigns has plenty of potential, but is very raw on the mic and in the ring and should not be pushed, at the moment. Yet, they’re throwing him into the fire because of the old school “it” factor.

Cena is still being pushed and has been for over a decade, despite fan reaction. Does the WWE staff care? No.

Why not push Rollins? Because of the size factor?

He’s very good on the mic, a great wrestler, and is getting over with the fans. It just doesn’t seem like WWE loves him as much has we think.

Does this mean then that the fans have to push for him like they had to yell for Daniel Bryan to become a main event performr? They shouldn’t, but they may have to. Same thing with Dean Ambrose.