Vince Russo Talks Last Night’s RAW, WWE Booking

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"“There’s has to be a time when WWE stops relying on old talent for a boost in ratings. They have enough talent now (referred to former Shield members, Bray Wyatt). The talent is there! Vince is out of his mind to go Brock vs. Rock. The future is now and Triple H is right.”"

Yes, a Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock match would draw plenty of views because of name recognition alone. For the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, though? That makes no sense.

Wrestlemania should be an opportunity for their full-time, newest stars to shine. Roman Reigns may be pushed to that spot against Lesnar (if he retains the WWEWHC at Night of Champions against Cena) and may not be 100% ready for it, but deserves it more than Rock, who is barely with the company anymore due to his Hollywood success.

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“If they went out of the moles that they’re in with the same match weak after weak with baby steps for these new guys, do you know how over some of these guys would be? People want something new!”

Fresh matches and feuds usually always work with the fans. Jack Swagger got a huge babyface reaction in his feud with Rusev because it was something new! The Ambrose-Rollins feud has been loved by fans because it is new and they’re great performers! Even look at when the Bray Wyatt-Chris Jericho feud began – the fan reaction for their first segment together made the crowd go wild!

WWE – give us more of that, please.

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