SmackDown Review: Huge 10-Man Tag Team Match

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Brie Bella vs. Paige

Paige had control for most of the match, but Brie was able to comeback, even getting a “Yes” chant from the crowd.

AJ Lee and Nikki Bella were on commentary, and they distracted Brie, when AJ attacked Nikki. Brie saved her sister, but reentered the ring just in time to get hit with a Rampaige.

Paige defeats Bella via pinfall.

3 out of 5 stars – There were some really good spots and sequences in this match. Their promo work is subpar, but you can’t deny how much both Bellas have improved in the ring.

The Wyatt Family backstage

Harper referred to Chris Jericho as a “little rat”, and Bray Wyatt as a “serpent”. He told the “little rat” that he can’t outrun his fate.

Bray entered and told Y2J that it’s time to pay for his sins.

Rowan got to say “run”.