SmackDown Review: Huge 10-Man Tag Team Match

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Bo Dallas vs. Zack Ryder

As usually happens in his matches, Ryder came out really hot. However, it wasn’t long before Bo hit the Bo-Dog to end this squash match.

Dallas defeats Ryder via pinfall.

Bo Dallas and Zeb Colter promo

Bo addressed his “fellow Americans”. He addressed the fact that they have obviously dealt with terrible circumstances in their lives, seeing as they live in Nebraska. He talked about their failures, and the failures of Jack Swagger. He said that they can all turn things around, if they do one thing. He instructed fans to “please rise, and put your hand over your heart”, but he was interrupted by Swagger’s music.

Swagger immediately started to spring to the ring, and he beat down on Bo. Swagger almost got the Patriot Lock on, but Bo countered. Swagger knocked Bo out of the ring with a big boot, and Bo used the opportunity to escape.

Zeb then corrected Bo’s attempt from earlier, as he led the crowd in a typically-loud “We the People” chant.