SmackDown Review: Huge 10-Man Tag Team Match

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Seth Rollins, Kane and The Wyatt Family vs. John Cena, Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho, Mark Henry and Big Show

The babyfaces were in complete control in the early going, but as we all know, at least one of them, probably two, maybe three, were going to have to sell for a long period of time. I worked through them all on Twitter, and came to the conclusion that none of the babyfaces were in a position to sell, based on their respective storylines:

Ultimately, it ended up starting with Show, which didn’t make much sense.

Show was able to make the hot tag to Reigns, who cleaned house, until he got distracted by attacking Rollins and lost control. It was a very smart, logical way for Reigns to lose control of the match.

Eventually, Reigns made the hot tag to Y2J, who dominated Kane. Y2J was about to lock in the Walls of Jericho, but an attack from Bray Wyatt stopped him, and allowed Kane to hit a big boot, then tag out to a fresh Luke Harper. Another logical move.

At the end, Y2J got the hot tag to Cena, who was about to hit an AA on Rollins, when Kane attacked him and the match completely broke down. After all that, Cena locked in the STF on Rollins, but his teammates attacked and caused a DQ.

Cena, Reigns, Henry, Show and Jericho defeat Rollins, Kane and The Wyatt Family via DQ.

It broke down to a 10-man brawl after the DQ finish, and the show ended with all five babyfaces hitting their finishers and standing tall.

I think the booking of this match made sense, the feuds these 10 men are involved in are all intertwined in some way. I think, for the most part, the way this match was booked made sense. However, I don’t understand why this match was booked for a DQ finish, and I don’t think that the babyfaces all needed to hit their finishers. The ending really killed the match.