WWE Opinions: Reaction to the Leaked WWE RAW Script


If you did not see this the other day, the most recent WWE RAW script was leaked onto the internet.

What can be seen in it is how much every little detail of the show in planned out. Word for word, how the match plays out, finishes, etc. Vince McMahon and company seems to have these Superstars tightly gripped.

Cageside Seats looked at the key parts of the script.

"For the most part, everyone sticks to the script and stays true to it. This could be blamed for the somewhat wooden performances we see from the likes of the Bella twins and Randy Orton and what not. They aren’t given a general overview, they’re told exactly what to say.John Cena was, in fact, scripted to threaten Triple H with a lawsuit.John Cena was not, in fact, scripted to jump out of the ring at the close of the main event and scream in Triple H’s face that he’ll see him at Night of Champions. The script called for a non-verbal reaction shot that reads “as if to say I’m ready for Brock Lesnar”.The first “Growing Up Bella” skit originally included a line about Nikki finding Brie in the parking lot with her prom date and the two having their hands all over each other. On TV, it was just that she found the two in the parking lot.Stephanie McMahon went off script when she said the Bella twins music is reserved for Nikki moving forward.AJ Lee wasn’t scripted to call Triple H Stephanie’s “little husband”. She was also supposed to say that the Bella twins should work their issues out on daytime television where it belongs, which would obviously act as the set up for Jerry Springer coming to Raw next week. That would seem to indicate they had some sort of plan for it before getting Springer."

It’s kind of sad how much control over the Superstars the WWE executive staff has. They don’t let them express their personalities in the ring to get a true, natural performance out of them. It may very well be one of the many reasons why CM Punk left the company in January.

What I take away from this is how they write for John Cena.

There have been times in the past where Cena has teased going heel on the WWE Universe but as we know, he has not done so. Does this mean then that WWE Creative intentionally tries to fool with the fans? Probably so. Is it a surprise and something we did not know before? No.

His silly lines are manufactured by WWE. They said him say he’s going to sue the company if they didn’t commit to granting him his rematch for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Really? Is that all they can come up with as a response? Everyone was put through that last fall when Big Show and The Authority kept going back and forth with looking to sue each other for whatever reason.

Now, I understand if there’s a Superstar here and there that may need a script because they aren’t quick to formulate their own lines, but do guys like Cena, Triple H, Chris Jericho, Kane and Randy Orton really need scripted lines after all the years they’ve been in the business? They should be given certain points that they need to hit and not word for word for what they have to say. Improv usually creates gold. Let them do that. Especially let Paul Heyman do that. It’s baffling how he has an entire paragraph to memorize instead of putting the promo like he would have in natural form.

Regarding how the matches play out, it makes some sense to organize what is going to happen with the miscellaneous scenes like what happened during the Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz and Cesaro with Damien Sandow’s antics. Hey, at least they aren’t scripting move for move in the ring. If that was the case, there would be plenty of angry people.

The leaked RAW script told a lot to the WWE Universe about the product that goes out there every week. It shows how much times have changed and how unnatural WWE programming really is. Hopefully it changes one day.