Raw Review: Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton

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Roman Reigns w/ Renee Young

Renee asked Reigns about Randy Orton’ proclamation about making this a memorable “season premiere”.

Reigns said he didn’t know what Orton meant, but that he knows that Orton is filled with venom. However, Reigns added that he has the antidote, as he cocked his fist.

Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns

Interesting note on this match: They got the “championship introductions”, despite the obvious fact that neither man is a champion.

High-flying action is always fun, but I really love when Orton slows a match down and methodically beats his opponent down. Reigns starts to get back into it, but Orton shuts him down again. When the audience is behind the face he is in the ring with, it can create magic.

It would be a lie t0 say the crowd was behind Reigns from the beginning, but they certainly got into it as the match went on.

A really awesome thing about Reigns is his slow comeback. He uses powerful moves, and it makes it a lot more natural for an opponent like Orton to stop the comeback a few times, before Reigns hits the big comeback towards the end of the match.

In the end, Reigns hit a Superman punch on Orton, but Reigns couldn’t make the cover. Orton immediately signaled for help from the back, and Seth Rollins and Kane came out with some crew members. While the crew went to work, Rollins and Kane caused a DQ.

Reigns defeats Orton via DQ.

Orton recovered, and all three continued the beatdown on Reigns. When the crew members were done, Orton signaled for the cage to be brought down. As the cage made its way down, Reigns recovered and threw Rollins and Kane out of the ring, leaving just him and Orton in the cage.

Reigns delivered a spear to Orton, but Kane was able to open the cage door and provide a distraction while Rollins hit a crossbody from the top of the cage.

Orton, Rollins and Kane then beatdown on Reigns, until Rollins hit a curb stomp onto a chair, leaving Reigns motionless.

This was an intense segment. This should be how they reintroduce Dean Ambrose to his feud with Rollins, and I think we see Ambrose at Night of Champions. However, it will be really interesting to see where this leaves Reigns.

Reigns has been feuding with The Authority for a while, and the question is: How can they keep it fresh? My guess is that they have him team with Ambrose against Kane and Rollins. That seems like a natural way to go, but what’s left after that? Not much, and there’s still a long way to go until WrestleMania.