Raw Review: Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton

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Dolph Ziggler and The Miz promo

Ziggler came out and talked about the celebrity iCloud photo hack. He said that nobody deserves that invasion of privacy. He then admitted that one celebrity does, and he revealed a picture of Miz with his face covered in moisturizer. He then promised that it would get better and revealed a picture of Miz shaving his chest.

Ziggler promised that he would one last picture that would top the first two, but Miz came out with Damien Miz-dow. Miz was furious and promised that Ziggler would “never work in this town again” if he took this any further. Ziggler figured he might as well have a little fun, and revealed a picture of Miz-dow spraying Miz with spray tanner, while Miz was completely naked, and his backside was pixelated.

Miz sent Miz-dow in to attack Ziggler, but Ziggler delivered a dropkick, then stared down Miz, then Ziggler hit Miz-dow with a Zig Zag. When Miz tried to sneak in the ring and attack Ziggler, Ziggler was quick to his feet and prevented the attack.

This wasn’t as bad as it should have been. Miz did a great job with the photos, and Ziggler’s mic work was brilliant. The addition of Damien Sandow makes everything better.