Raw Review: Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton

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Paul Heyman and John Cena promo

“Though I walk through the valley of the Cenation, I fear no Thuganomics,” I love Paul Heyman.

Heyman was here to deliver a warning, and said he wanted to deliver the warning as though he was in Cena’s face, unfortunately for Heyman, Cena gave him the real thing.

Cena said there was no need to stretch people’s imagination, and Cena invited Heyman to talk.

Heyman said that Cena was the greatest WWE Champion of all-time, before SummerSlam. Heyman said he came to give a warning, but Brock Lesnar told him to drop the warning if Cena came to the ring, and instead tell Cena how he can beat Lesnar.

Cena said he didn’t need it, because he already knows how to beat Lesnar. He said that he is ready to go again, and at Night of Champions, he will “Never Give Up”. He held up the “Never Give Up” towel and called it his “playbook”. He said he doubts Lesnar can read it, but he wants Heyman to give it to him anyway.

Heyman said that Cena can’t help but be John Cena. He said that Cena has that attitude because of the people who yell “Let’s go Cena.” However, Heyman asked about the people who yell “Cena sucks.” He said that Cena can beat Lesnar, if he gives into the hatred that he has for those people.

Cena teased telling those people off, but instead told Heyman to shut up. He talked about the kids, who do good because they idolize him. He talked about the fathers of those kids, who don’t like him, but appreciate what their kid sees in him, and that he never lets their kid down. He talked about meeting soldiers who have lost limbs, and how they turn to him for motivation.

Cena said that they are the reason he is who he is. He then told Heyman that he is ready to fight, but that he will give him 7 days. He told Heyman that he is more than willing to fight Lesnar, but if Lesnar decides not to show up, then Heyman will be all on his own.

This promo was truly compelling. To say that both guys delivered wouldn’t do it justice. Heyman and Cena were both fantastic, and they brought a lot of juice back to this feud.