Raw Review: Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton

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Stephanie McMahon, Jerry Springer, Brie Bella and Nikki Bella promo

Stephanie talked about the family issues she has had, having had a match with her father in this very building. She said that only one person could help resolve the family issues the Bellas are having, and she introduced Jerry.

Springer came out and thanked Stephanie for the inviting, then he introduced Brie. They showed footage from last week, and Jerry asked Brie about the incident and her apology tweet. Brie said that she doesn’t forgive her sister for what she said, but she realizes she shouldn’t have hit her, and she shouldn’t have stooped to her “classless” level.

Jerry then introduced Nikki. Nikki said she won’t forgive her sister for years of treating her poorly, but that she doesn’t really car. Nikki said she’s in a good mood, because “her” show “Total Divas” premiered last night, and that she has a Divas Championship Match in two weeks.

Nikki blamed Brie for their father leaving them, which left Brie mortified. Jerry then introduced a video from the Bellas’ father, then another from their mother. Brie then brought their brother, JJ, into it, and Jerry introduced him from the back.

JJ told Nikki she’s not the victim here, and that finally made this argument physical. Jerry was immediately run-over by the brawling Bellas, and JJ was the only one who tried to help him. JJ got destroyed by an accidental slap from Nikki, and he was taken out.

Stephanie got involved in breaking up the fight, and Brie charged at her, but Nikki cut her off, leaving Stephanie out of it for the most part. This tells me that Stephanie’s physical involvement in this feud is not over yet.

This segment was about as bad as you would expect, but it wouldn’t be fair to call it a total trainwreck.