WWE NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way Review

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The Ascension vs. Sin Cara and Kalisto for the NXT Tag Team Championship

Sin Cara started the match, and got a lot of offense in on Viktor. Sin Cara went to the apron, which allowed Konnor to get involved, and The Ascension took over.

The Ascension manhandled Sin Cara, doing everything they could to isolate him from Kalisto, including taking cheap shots at Kalisto.

It was a cool sequence, that got Kalisto into the match. Konnor out-muscled Sin Cara, but Sin Cara’s athleticism helped him get to the corner for the hot tag.

After Kalisto got in the match, it was nonstop action from there, with Sin Cara and Kalisto doing a lot of high-flying.

Eventually, Kalisto and Viktor, the legal men, were in the ring. Viktor hit a vicious clothesline, and The Ascension setup for Fall of Man, but Sin Cara tripped up Konnor. Viktor got slightly distracted by Sin Cara, which helped Kalisto hit Salida del Sol for the win.

Kalisto and Sin Cara defeat The Ascension via pinfall.

4 out of 5 stars – Awesome match. The Ascension are usually just in squash matches, but they had to wrestle a serious match here, and they did a great job. Of course, they had great help from their opponents. Kalisto and Sin Cara are crazy talented.

Sin Cara and Kalisto w/ Renee Young

Sin Cara put over the long reign of The Ascension, and said what a great accomplishment it was to beat them.

Kalisto dubbed his team with Sin Cara, “Lucha Dragons”, and said that “the future starts now”.