WWE NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way Review

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William Regal, Kenta and The Ascension promo

Regal announced Kenta as the biggest international signing in WWE history.

Kenta came out and spoke mainly in Japanese, but switched to English to say that being in WWE is a real dream come true. He introduced his new ring name, Hideo Itami.

The Ascension came out and attacked Kenta. They turned their attention to Regal, and getting a rematch, but before they could go on, Kenta got back in the ring with his game face on. Kenta completely dominated The Ascension, and left them completely baffled.

This was a great debut for Kenta, although I was a little unhappy with the booking of The Ascension here. They already lost the titles, no need to have them be dominated by one guy. This wouldn’t have happened an hour earlier, when they were still champions.