SmackDown Review: Chris Jericho and Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins and Randy Orton

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Lana and Mark Henry promo

Lana said that her and Rusev were stunned that Henry accepted their challenge. She said that he could save himself the embarrassment of losing tonight and at Night of Champions, if he forfeits, just like he did in the Olympics.

Henry said that he never thought he would have another chance to defend his country, after his injury in the Olympics, but that opportunity has come.

Lana had some new stuff in here, and she didn’t mention Vladimir Puti…oh, never mind. It was awesome the first time she mentioned Putin…the first time. Now, they’re in desperate need of something new.

Mark Henry vs. Rusev in an arm wrestling contest

Rusev lost his grip on their first attempt, prompting a restart.

On the second, Henry pulled out a victory. Michael Cole then announced that Lana, on Rusev’s behalf, was challenging Henry to another match, but with their left hands.

In the third match, Henry was about to win, when Lana threw chalk in Henry’s face, and Rusev laid him out.

All in all, this was pretty bad. I was happy at the beginning, as Lana had new material for the first time in months, but then it was back to the same old stuff that never changes. As for the arm wrestling, I don’t watch WWE for arm wrestling.

Chris Jericho w/ Renee Young

Renee asked Y2J about Monday night, when he had a Steel Cage Match with Bray Wyatt, and got attacked backstage by Randy Orton.

Y2J said he can accept his loss to Bray, because he took some chances, and he lost it on his terms. He can’t accept the attack from Orton, because that was Orton’s attempt to prove something against Y2J, because Y2J is a 6-time world champion.

Y2J then listed a bunch of puns for killing snakes, like “Cobra Crusher”, and said that he will take care of Orton tonight, and at Night of Champions.