WWE Raw Preview: The Go-Home Show Before Night of Champions

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The Beast Incarnate Returns

Brock Lesnar will be at tomorrow night’s WWE Raw and it’s expected that him and John Cena will have a face-off before they have their rematch for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship next Sunday on the WWE Network.

We have not seen Lesnar since he was awarded the new title on the day after SummerSlam.

While he was away, Cena has been booked stronger than ever by Vince McMahom specifically. He has ran through the Wyatts, Rollins, Kane, among others, with ease on programming. This has drawn plenty of criticism, especially with going over Bray Wyatt again.

These two foes will hopefully throw some punches on Monday to heat up this rivalry. If booking stays the way it has been lately, Cena will likely go over to make himself a bigger threat for Sunday. Could it mean that the Beast Incarnate will win again on Sunday?

What do you think will happen on tonight’s WWE Raw?