Raw Review: John Cena confronts Brock Lesnar

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Paul Heyman and John Cena promo

Heyman painted a picture for Night of Champions, mocking Cena’s entrance, then hyping Brock Lesnar’s. He didn’t get too far in his description of the night’s events, before Cena interrupted.

Cena came out and was ready for the fight that he promised a week ago. Heyman hyped up the fight, and introduced Lesnar, but Lesnar’s music didn’t hit, and he didn’t enter.

Heyman started laughing and announced that Lesnar wasn’t here, at least not yet. He said that Lesnar’s private plane was delayed. He gave Cena credit for picking his spots wisely, and went to leave, but it wasn’t that simple.

Cena grabbed Heyman by the neck, and gave him a deadline, if Lesnar wasn’t here by the halfway point of Raw, Cena would give Heyman the fight that he promised a week ago. Cena then put Heman in a headlock and brought him backstage, in order to prevent Heyman from running away.

I’m enjoying the promos between this two. This one was a little awkward, but that’s because they didn’t have a real ending. I’m betting they clean it up later.