Goldust and Stardust Losing at Night of Champions Wouldn’t Make Sense


Ever since SummerSlam concluded, Goldust and Stardust have been after the WWE Tag Team Championship from The Usos, who have held the belts since March.

The hunt for gold for the Dust Bros. began when they kept referring to a “cosmic key” in their promos throughout the course of the summer that they were after. After the big event in August, they would face Jimmy and Jey in a non-title match on Raw and defeat them. This would set up a title match on the following Raw, where the following end up happening:

The heel turn for Goldust and Stardust made plenty of sense as it added an edge to this feud instead of seeing two face teams battle. It could have made for a lackluster program.

Goldust would look to apologize to Jimmy and Jey a few times after the incident, only to beat them down again and further injure Jey’s leg.

This turn has furthered the development of Stardust’s heel side. With this character just being months old, Cody Rhodes has established this persona of his extremely well on both the good and dark side. We seem to learn more crazy and bizarre traits about him every show, like when he meowed and growled during his match this past Monday.

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  • While the character growth of Stardust is great and seeing Goldust get placed in a decent feud is nice, it won’t mean anything if they both fail to capture tag team gold this Sunday at Night of Champions.

    The development of their partnership would feel like a waste if they lost this weekend. They would end up floating aimlessly in the mid-card like RybAxel did for months, slowly becoming jobbers to rising tag teams. This is more about the Usos, however.

    They had a decent reign over the spring and summer that could have been much better if WWE gave them something interesting to do. Their feud with the Wyatt Family was very entertaining and they probably should have lose the belts to them at Battleground, but WWE decided to keep the belts on Jimmy and Jey for a little more time than needed. They are still two very exciting acts, but the time has come for them to drop the belts.

    The Usos don’t need the title belts to be relevant. Their ability to make any tag team match fun and exciting with their high flying antics gives them a ton of value. The other tag teams on the roster aren’t capable of what they’re doing, which is why a bizarre and unique duo in Goldust and Stardust should be given an opportunity to shine. The sons of Rikishi won’t fade away like other tag teams on the roster like Los Matadores, Slater Gator, etc. They will still be in the spotlight on matches during Raw and SmackDown. Letting someone else share it with them would make plenty of sense.

    This could also open up a chance to put The Ascension in a feud right off the bat with The Usos once they get their championship rematch (if they lose the belts). The power style of Konnor and Viktor versus the athleticism of Jimmy and Jey would make for some very fun matches.

    Having Gold and Stardust lose this Sunday at Night of Champions would be a mistake and a waste of WWE programming that they have put into them for the past few months. Where would they go from there without the belts?

    Do you think it would be a mistake if Gold and Stardust did not win the WWE Tag Team Championship?