SmackDown Review: Roman Reigns takes on Rusev

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Paige vs. Nikki Bella

Paige started the match by antagonizing Nikki, and saying she didn’t want to get involved in “sister drama”. Nikki promptly shoved the daylights out of her.

Nikki and Paige then had a back-and-forth affair, with Nikki having a slight advantage, until Paige hit a Paige Turner.

Paige defeats Bella via pinfall.

After the match, AJ Lee grabbed the belt and climbed in the ring. She held it for a few seconds, before holding it out. She had a little tug-of-war with Paige, until Nikki ran in and grabbed the belt. Nikki used the belt to take out AJ and Paige, before holding it up and walking away.

3.25 out of 5 stars – This was a good match. Nikki is very improved in the ring, and she did a great job in the post-match attack. Take note, Paige gets the win, but Nikki stands tall.