The 5 Best Moments of the Week in WWE: Final Build to Night of Champions

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Number 1. Hideo Itami debuts

After announcing the signing of Hideo Itami (formally known as KENTA) on July 12th, he finally made his in-ring debut on this past week’s installment of NXT. Itami is one of the world’s most popular Japanese wrestlers and has developed a huge worldwide following by showing off his incredible in-ring ability. These abilities were shown off during his debut match against Justin Gabriel on Thursday night.

Itami showed off his great kickboxing background, delivering a number of highly effective kicks to Gabriel throughout the matchup. He ultimately defeated the former Tag Team Champion via a beautifully executed double stomp off the top rope. The fans were definitely behind Itami, as multiple ‘Itami’ chants boomed through Full Sail University during the match.

After the match though, The Ascension attacked Itami, leaving him lying helplessly in the ring. This was a brutal attack and it all started when Itami actually took out Konnor and Viktor at NXT Takeover: Fatal 4-Way.

While the post-match attack sets up Itami’s first feud in NXT, his first match was a thing of beauty and he will only improve with time.

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