Evaluating WWE World Heavyweight Championship Contenders for Hell in a Cell

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Big Show (If Brock Lesnar retains)

This was rumored to be in the works a few weeks ago.

Big Show has been booked to be incredibly strong since forming this big man tag team with Mark Henry earlier in the summer. Some will say too strong, but that could be a hint towards him going against Lesnar next month since he was destroyed by him at the Royal Rumble PPV in January.

Unfortunately for WWE, if they do this, no one is going to take Show as a worthy WWE World Heavyweight Championship contender. They aren’t going to have him defeat the man who defeated The Undertaker’s streak at Wrestlemania XXX and crushed Cena at SummerSlam. It wouldn’t make any sense for Lesnar to lose the belt to him.

However, this seems one of the more likely options for Hell in a Cell next month. They’ll try playing this up in a HIAC match, but the odds of it delivering aren’t great.

The last time Show had a push, he faced the next contender on this list at Survivor Series last year for the WWE Championship.