Evaluating WWE World Heavyweight Championship Contenders for Hell in a Cell

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Final Thoughts

Building up a contender to Brock Lesnar, if he retains the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, will be a very tough task. It would take a nearly perfect performance from everyone on the booking staff, who have been far from perfect lately.

If Lesnar wins, I feel that the most likely options are Big Show or having no challenger for the belt. If John Cena wins, I can’t see him walking out of the arena with the belt. They will have Seth Rollins cash in his briefcase and fit Dean Ambrose into the equation one way or another. I should point out that Cena will become a contender if Rollins cashes in on him, but the odds of him winning the title again against Seth after a one month title reign would make zero sense.

Here’s a ranking of who I think will most likely challenge for the title from the options that we outlined:

  1. No Challenger
  2. Big Show
  3. Randy Orton
  4. Seth Rollins
  5. Rusev

Weight in your thoughts in the comment section below. Who do you think will challenge for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship next?

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