WWE Raw Preview: Night of Champions Aftermath

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What direction does the Divas division go in next?

Last night’s Divas Championship match between Paige, AJ Lee, and Nikki Bella saw another title change. This time, AJ took the belt back after putting the Black Widow submission maneuver on Paige, causing her to tap out. This will likely keep this feud going for another one to two months because of the simple fact that there are no other worthy title holders among the women on the roster.

As for Nikki Bella, I was very surprised that her sister Brie did not come out to cost her the title. Instead, she was limited to a quick interview before the match and never heard from for the rest of the evening.

Nikki looked pretty good in the match, but I question her involvement in this if Brie was never going to have a say in the end. She didn’t walk out with the title and probably never will at this point.

Does this mean Brie and Nikki continues? That will hopefully be answered tonight. Keeping them off the microphone would be a plus as well.