WWE Raw Preview: Night of Champions Aftermath

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Where do Sheamus and Cesaro go next?

Sheamus and Cesaro had the best match at Night of Champions and could be a sleeper candidate for match of the year by the time the Slammys roll around. These two meshed together so well and put on a performance that got the crowd heavily invested in them. If anything, there should be another month of a feud between them.

Unfortunately, I see both men moving onto different rivalries. With Cesaro losing the match in his first opportunity, he may be pushed out of the title picture to float in the mid-card again. The King of Swing needs to be kept in a relevant position on the card because he has done absolutely nothing to warrant poor booking like he has had to suffer through since Wrestlemania XXX.

As for Sheamus, his next challenger could be Bray Wyatt, who currently has nothing to do. Seeing these two guys go at it could make for another good match down the line at Hell in a Cell. A title change could be likely, too, if WWE decides to boost some life back into Wyatt’s momentum. Rusev could be another option for the title as well.

Speaking of the hero of the Russian federation…