WWE Rumors: Randy Orton Upset With WWE


courtesy of wwe.com

Randy Orton took part in what was arguably the most impressive match on Sunday night with the exception of the fight–yes, it was fight–between John Cena and Brock Lesnar. Orton defeated Chris Jericho on Sunday in a match that far exceeded expectations.

The booking between Orton and Jericho was weak, but given how talented both superstars are, the duo managed to pull off quite the match on Sunday night.

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  • Despite the impressive showing on Sunday, Orton is reportedly upset with the WWE. According to Daily Wrestling News, Orton is upset with the lack of emphasis for his character in recent weeks and is looking for some time off.

    "[Daily Wrestling News]While he’s still headlining events, Randy Orton has not been a big factor in WWE in recent weeks and this has him unhappy. As a result, he recently asked management about taking some time away from the ring by the end of the year in order to rejuvenate."

    WWE certainly has a problem with talents being upset with their character directions. CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio, and Batista are all notable talents to have grown frustrated with WWE this past year. In the case of Punk and Del Rio, those two talents are no longer with the WWE. Mysterio being under contract is only a formality. As for Batista, the “Guardians of the Galaxy” star could return to the WWE in early 2015 but that is not set in stone.

    WWE can not afford to be without Orton on their programming considering the injuries to Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns. That would be why Orton has not received his time off.

    "[Daily Wrestling News]WWE considers their roster “thin,” especially in regards to the number of top-flight wrestlers they have available. It is said that the absences of Daniel Bryan and Batista is standing in the way of Orton being granted some time off."

    Over the course of the past month, Orton has been at his best. Orton received heat in July for his lack of putting Reigns over, but since then, Orton has rekindled the form that made him WWE’s Apex Predator.

    Orton wants to be bigger factor on WWE programming and the way for WWE to do that is to break him away from The Authority. A break away from The Authority would give Orton a much needed run as a face as well provide an opponent for The Authority while Bryan and Reigns recover from their injuries.

    At the end of his match on Sunday, Orton appeared to be selling an injury. It will be interesting to see how prevalent Orton’s impact is on Monday Night Raw tonight.