WWE Main Event Review: Dean Ambrose on MizTV

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Bo Dallas promo

Bo said that his loss to Jack Swagger on Raw showed him what it feels like to be a loser, like his opponent, Kofi Kingston.

He then said it was nice to see Kofi, since he thought Kofi didn’t work here anymore. He then suggested Kofi could be more relevant if he changes his pre-match entrance from “Boom. Boom. Boom” to “Bo. Bo. Bo.”

Hilarious promo from Bo.

Kofi Kingston vs. Bo Dallas

Bo got very little offense in, but as he started to take control, Kofi pulled out a Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Kingston defeats Dallas via pinfall.

2.5 out of 5 stars – Relatively quick match. Interesting to see where Bo and Kofi go from here, especially Bo after losing his feud with Jack Swagger.