WWE Main Event Review: Dean Ambrose on MizTV

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MizTV w/ Dean Ambrose

Miz said he wouldn’t make this all about him, because he is an actor and he was taught to give. Miz then made it about him and complained about having to defend the Intercontinental Championship on Monday, before he stopped himself. He then prompted everybody to get their straitjackets and rubber rooms ready, as he introduced Ambrose.

Miz mocked Ambrose’s psychotic nature, which Ambrose didn’t take kindly to. Ambrose said that he could be knocked down, but not kept down. He said that The Authority are not ready for him, and that he is a fight they cannot win.

Miz pressed Ambrose for an answer on how he got out of the locked room on Monday, forcing Ambrose to reveal that he used the backdoor. Ambrose said that The Authority simply put him in a room with two doors, and he used the other one.

Ambrose joked that Miz must have felt cheated with that answer. Miz flipped out and said that he felt cheated when Dolph Ziggler held his tights as he went for the pin, which helped him win the IC title from Miz. Miz got really angry and got in Ambrose’s face.

Ambrose struck with a headbutt to Miz, before he threw Damien Mizdow out of the ring. Ambrose hit Miz with Dirty Deeds, before he propped Miz up in his chair, and signed off for MizTV.

Hilarious segment. Ambrose was great, Miz was great, and Mizdow was amazing. Mizdow spent the entire segment mimicking Miz, as he even held a mic in his hand, and mouthed the words that Miz was speaking.